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A toddler about to receive her injection by a nurse.


Immunisation sessions are available weekdays, Saturdays, evenings and by appointment. Please refer to the 2014 Immunisation schedule for dates and times of the next immunisation sessions.

Records of immunisations provided by the City of Darebin can be obtained within 5 business days. If records are required more urgently a fee will apply for record retrieval. Records are available from 1986 onwards.

Note: We are unable to administer vaccines purchased outside the Council.


Council has EFTPOS facilities at all immunisation sessions. For security reasons we do not accept cash.

Clients wishing to pay cash will need to attend the Darebin Customer Service Centres at Reservoir, Preston or Northcote. Please bring your receipt to the session as proof of purchase.

All scheduled vaccines are funded by the Government for Medicare card holders. If you are uncertain of your eligibility please telephone our service on 8470 8562.

Baby and 4 Year Old Immunisations

We offer appointment clinics as an alternative to the general council sessions for first time immunisations and for 4 year old children. We recommend calling well in advance of the due date to ensure appointment availability.

We also immunise 4 year old children and babies at all open council sessions as detailed in the 2014 immunisation program. No appointment is necessary for these sessions.

Clinic Locations:

  • Preston Shire Hall
  • Keon Park Maternal and Child Health Centre
  • Reservoir St George's Anglican Church
  • Springthorpe Macleod
  • Fairfield Maternal and Child Health Centre

    Following the 4 year old immunisations, parents will receive an updated History Statement from Medicare. This is the child’s School Entry Certificate.

    For bookings phone: 8470 8562.

Secondary School Immunisations

We offer immunisations to Year 7 male and female students (Chickenpox and HPV (Human Papillomavirus)), Year 9 males (HPV (Human Papillomavirus) and Year 10 students (Diptheria, Tetanus and Whooping Cough). If your child has missed a vaccine at school they may attend any of the sessions on the 2014 Immunisation Timetable to catch up with missed doses.

Please note that the HPV Vaccine is only funded in 2014 for students in Years 7 and 9 (both males and females). If your child commenced doses in Year 7 but is now in year 8 they may attend our sessions to complete their course for free.

If your child had a dose of the Chickenpox vaccine previously, they should still receive another dose in Year 7.
If your child has already had the Chickenpox disease the vaccine is also recommended.

Adult Immunisations

Council also offers adult immunisations according to the National Immunisation Schedule.

  • Pneumoccocal Vaccine – Free for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from 50 years and all others from 65 years and over

  • Tetanus & Diphtheria – Free for those aged between 50 - 59 years inclusive

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) Vaccine - The vaccine is free to indigenous/refugee/asylum seeker if born since 1966 and women planning pregnancy and post partum with low or negative rubella antibody

  • Hepatitis B – Adults require 3 doses of this vaccine at a cost of $25 per dose

  • Chickenpox Vaccine – Adults require 2 doses of this vaccine at a cost of $70 per dose

  • Meningococcal C – This vaccine is available at a cost of $100 for adults.

  • Boostrix (Diphtheria, Tetanus & Whooping Cough (Pertussis)) – This vaccine is available at a cost of $40 and is recommended for all new parents

Influenza Immunisation (Flu)

The Immunisation Service offers the Influenza (flu) vaccine to the community each year around March. The vaccine costs $25 (EFTPOS only - no cash accepted), however it is free to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 15 years and over, pregnant women during any stage of pregnancy and persons 65 years and older.

Babies 6 months and older are recommended to receive the Influenza vaccine.

Workplace Immunisation - Protecting Your Most Important Asset - The Health of Your Staff

Winter is nearly upon us and it is worth considering how an on-site flu immunisation program can benefit your workplace:

• Reduce costly absenteeism in your business
• Increase safety in the workplace – illness can slow reaction times by 20-40%
• Increase staff morale by taking an interest in employee health and wellbeing
• Help comply with Occupational Health & Safety Regulations
• Help control preventable diseases and unnecessary outbreaks

Darebin Immunisation Service would like to visit your workplace to provide influenza immunisations to your staff.

To discuss a workplace visit and fees, please contact Lynne Ryan on 0419 765 230

Immunisation for Overseas Students and Non Medicare Card Holders

Immunisations for children of overseas students and non residents are no longer provided free of charge. These vaccines are available through Darebin Immunisation Service for a fee. For further information please contact the Immunisation Service on 8470 8562.

What Should I Bring to an Immunisation Session?

Please bring your Child Health Record Book and your Medicare Card when you attend an immunisation session.

If your child has been immunised overseas please contact our office prior to attending an immunisation session. Your child's records need to be reviewed thoroughly to determine which vaccines your child will need to align them with the National Immunisation Schedule. As this process can be time consuming, we are unable to perform this service during an immunisation session. Our office can be contacted on 8470 8562.

Further Information

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Ph: (03) 8470 8562
Fax: (03) 9261 4883
Email: immunise@darebin.vic.gov.au

Darebin has an Immunisation Nurse on-call for immunisation related medical enquiries only:

Monday to Friday
9.00am - 5.00pm
Ph: 0419 765 230

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